A little about myself.  I’m a self taught artist!  I started to pursue my passion for art in Jan 2015.  I read books and watched YouTube videos to refine my skill.  I started working with oils and have recently added watercolors and wax pencils to my repertoire.  I try to learn more about my gift each day.


Prior to being an artist I worked as a Commercial Project Manager in the construction industry. I obtained in degree in Construction Management and well as attended law school and possess a law degree.

More to come…

  • Spending time with friends and family.

  • New York and Chicago are my favorite cities.

  • Enjoying a quiet moment while reading at my local coffee shop.

  • I hold an admiration for beautiful architecture.

  • Winter is my favorite time of the year.

  • Being in nature makes me most happy.

Grant each of us the serenity to accept
the things we cannot change,
the courage to change the things we can
and the wisdom to know the difference.